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Unique issues for children with special needs, Part I

Trying to negotiate an amicable child support and custody arrangement is delicate work for any family. But with families who care for a child with special needs, it is infinitely more complex and nuanced. Children with special needs require additional financial and emotional support that strains relationships and divorced couples. This post will go over some unique issues in caring for children with special needs.

New parenting time laws spreading across the country

Last year, 20 states were considering legislation to alter child custody arrangements and impose a new approach to divorce. For decades, the norm among judges was to order primary custody for one parent, to the exclusion of the other. Judges took this approach because, the best scientific research at the time, believed that a stable home and being with the mother was critical to childhood development. But new research is coming out that challenges those premises and state governments across the country are listening.

Overview of Michigan's property division laws

Michigan is an equitable division state. Equitable division means the judge will determine who gets what in the divorce to ensure a fair division of the property. Michigan, unlike a community property state, does not mandate that all property is equally owned by the couple. This allows the judge to divide the property as she sees fit to ensure that each person is fairly treated. But this also means that the division process can become exceedingly complex.

Should you remarry your ex-spouse?

The answer depends on your relationship with your ex-spouse and the circumstances of your divorce. Divorce rates for subsequent and re-marriages are significantly higher than first-time marriages. But it is a growing trend as several marriage counselors now offer programs specifically designed to assist couples considering re-marriage.

Real (ex) housewife divorce spins out of control

Jules Wainstein, one of the former cast members on the Real Housewives of New York City, is embroiled in a bitter divorce with her ex-husband. Ms. Wainstein was on the show for one season after her and her husband filed for divorce.

Earlier this week, the divorce got even more complicated when her husband filed a request that the $200 he pays in weekly grocery money should go directly to the nanny. He argued that the children are malnourished and that she is squandering the money. The judge, however, ruled against his request but did order Ms. Wainstein to keep her receipts to ensure that she is spending the money appropriately.

Some statistics on child support payments

Child support in the United States is a complicated portrait. In 2001, 6.9 million parents were due child support. They were owed an average of $5,000 which amounts to $34.9 billion or so. Those numbers appear large and more than sufficient to provide care for the children however what is due and what is paid are two separate numbers. This post will delve into the specifics of those numbers.

An Overview of the Various Methods to Divorce, Part 2

Divorces don't always have to end up in front of a judge with two attorneys yelling at one another. In fact, if your divorce is that far, something went wrong during the process. It is possible to work with your spouse to achieve a mutually agreeable solution, if both of you are willing. As discussed previously, do-it-yourself divorces are cheap but carry significant risks, especially if you forget an asset or overlook one. Conversely, litigated divorces result in fewer mistakes but can quickly spiral out of control, as illustrated above. This post will discuss the final two methods one can utilize to divorce, mediation and collaboration.

Marriage shortens the more you divorce

Every state scrutinizes and studies who, when and how often people get married. Michigan is no exception, the Department of Health and Human Services collects this information on Michigan residents and publishes it for free on its website. The most recent numbers address 2014 marriages and divorces. This post will break down these numbers and the trends they seem to indicate.

Common mistakes in high asset divorces, Part 1

People often try to handle divorces on their own. The idea is that courts and lawyers only make a divorce more complicated and expensive. But there are also serious risks if you decide to file for divorce on your own. There are serious legal and financial consequences if you are unfamiliar with the process. This post will go over the more common mistakes.

Investment moves to make before marriage

When you marry someone, you are tying your financial futures together. It is therefore critical that you fully understand your and your partner's financial situations prior to marriage. The "money" talk is uncomfortable and stressful but it is necessary. Discuss with your partner his or her attitudes on money. What are her goals? What are his dreams? How do they plan to achieve those objectives and how do you fit into the plan? What about your plans?

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