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An overview of child custody rights for same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage is a recent legal development and many state governments still, ideologically, oppose it. Therefore, many custody and visitation laws have yet to catch up to the reality of same-sex marriage. The result is a complicated legal framework that can and does treat same-sex couples differently from heterosexual couples. This post will go over those issues.

How does age impact divorce?

A lot of studies focus on when people get married (their age) and whether or not that correlates with divorce. But, as far as legal issues are concerned, age only tends to be a factor when there is a significant age gap between the couple, or they are nearing retirement. Age brings up practice considerations regarding the amount of financial assistance and property they will need. This post will go over how age can impact a divorce.

Modifying your retirement after divorce

Divorce affects every aspect of your life, including your retirement plans. Undoubtedly you would have noticed that your retirement assets were also divided up and some were given to your spouse. As such, it is critical that you begin retooling your retirement plans right away. Here are a few tips to guide you as you rebalance your retirement.

Should you divorce or file for long-term separation?

Many couples come to the crossroads of separation vs. divorce. Most divorces are presaged by a physical separation, usually the last in a long line of fights. But sometimes that time and distance convinces some couples to give their marriage another try or to avoid divorce and instead settle for separation. While separation can work for some couples, it leaves you exposed to significant financial and legal risk.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie agree on custody

Two months after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from fellow actor, Brad Pitt, the couple arrived at a child custody arrangement. The couple decided that Ms. Jolie would continue to have sole custody of the children while Mr. Pitt is allowed "therapeutic visits." It is unclear how "therapeutic visits" are defined by the agreement, but it likely includes playtime and other parent-child activities.

Millenials are driving a surge in prenuptial agreements

A common presumption surrounding the Millennial generation (people born between 1982 and 2000), is that they prize experiences over possessions. It seems that Millenials may be taking that position to the bank as they are driving a new trend in prenuptial agreements to protect their intellectual property, including business ideas.

What happens to your credit after divorce?

Credit (meaning debt) is a complicated issue when it comes to divorce. To illustrate the issues here is an example. Marie and Bryan finalize their divorce, in the divorce decree, Bryan agrees to assume responsibility for three of their joint credit cards. A few months later, Marie receives notices from the credit card companies for payment. Marie referred them to the divorce decree and the creditor, correctly, states that she is still legally responsible for them. The delinquent payments later appear on her credit report.

Study finds "peak" seasons for divorce

A recent study identified two months that see "peak" divorce filings, the end of August and the end of March. The study was conducted over 14 years and reviewed divorce filings in all counties in Washington State. This post will review its findings and how they may affect you.

Michigan doesn't follow a formula for awarding spousal support

Michigan, unlike many other states, does not impose a spousal formula or series of guidelines on its judges. The court is free to award any spousal support (or no support) orders it deems are fair and equitable. While that means you aren't trapped in a rote application of a formula, it also means that spousal support is decided on a case-by-case basis so there is no way to know what the court will decide.

Methods to avoid fighting after divorce

Divorce is meant to sever ties with the person to whom you were formally married. It wasn't working out; that is why the marriage ended. But what happens if you continue needing to interact with them (either because you jointly own a business, have friendships in the same circles or because you are co-parenting a child)? Can you ever move past those lasting fights and into a productive relationship? This post will go over post-divorce fights and how you can minimize them.

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